The Integrated Life™

If you, or someone you, know is in the midst of change (or in a rut going nowhere!) coaching can help you transition into the life you want, the life you are meant to live.


Find your unique path

“Whole-life” coaching can help you:

  • Discover what you really want
  • Create a vision and a plan to achieve it
  • Align your energy with your vision
  • Set and accomplish manageable, tangible goals
  • Cultivate ways to maintain balance in your body-mind-spirit as you go
  • Rediscover the “happiness” factor in life

As a Certified Profession Coach, I offer you my formal training from CCC and Wisdom of the Whole, as well as 30 years of informal, heart-felt coaching and mentoring people of all ages and walks of life in the areas of relationships, health, creativity, spiritual and energy related issues, life changes, career and education.

My integrated approach examines the four major aspects of life that make us “whole” beings: work/careers, relationships with others, bodily health, and personal interests that incite creativity.

If we face challenges in any one of these aspects, all the others can be negatively affected. When we experience passion and excitement in any one of these aspects, all the others are most often positively affected.

If you don’t know what you want or where the imbalance in your life originates – don’t worry, we will discover that together!

Everything you need to issue change is in you!
Coaching is the match that helps ignite the fire.

Whether you live across the street or across the ocean, distance is not a factor in the coaching work I offer. Over 80% of coaching happens by phone or Internet technology,

Contact me to schedule a free ½ hour session to discover the possibilities.


Center for Coaching Certification
Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy
ICF - Phoenix Charter Chapter

Classes / Workshops

Classes / Workshops




Plynn Gutman is a natural coach. She is kind, generous, intuitive, and always looking for what will best serve YOU. Plynn’s clients know two things: they are in safe hands, and even if they are not quite clear what their path is, with her help they will find their way.


The process of working with Plynn is powerful. Through the art of listening and reflection, she helps me clarify my innermost thoughts, needs and goals. Further, she assists in developing a plan and provides support for its execution. The take away of a session or more with Plynn is greater peace, purpose, and capacity for joy.
Lorie Adair

Lorie Adair

I have worked with Plynn Gutman for several years, and there is no other person whose heart and judgment I trust more completely than hers. Plynn’s counsel is sound, and her intuition is spot on. She brings outstanding interpersonal qualities and well-developed practical skills to each coaching situation. I have referred friends and colleagues to Plynn and always know they are in good hands.
Kristen L

Kristen L


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